Staff Biographies


Patricia L. Dugger

Phone: (859) 280-8060
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Pat Dugger has been director of DEEM, now DEM, since it was first established in 1988. Since then, she’s spearheaded development of a comprehensive emergency management program that links public safety with public health and other response and support disciplines. Our program is inclusive of all hazards and all disciplines with the goal to have Lexington as prepared and capable of responding to the most likely hazards we face. Before joining DEM, she worked with the Division of Building Inspection from 1984-1988. She has a BS from EKU and a MPA from UK.

Tim Brandewie
Operations/Recovery Mgr.

Phone: (859) 280-8054
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Tim came to DEM in February 2004 to serve as the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) Coordinator. The MMRS is an ongoing effort by the health, medical and public safety community to plan for serious health and medical catastrophes in the Central Kentucky region, to develop systems for coordinating and providing critical care when and where it’s needed, and to procure medicines and equipment. As Tim’s duties have evolved, he’s taken on more general planning duties for emergency response and recovery. Prior to joining DEM, Tim served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years as an Intelligence Analyst and Special Operations Officer.

Hazel Lambert-Hatfield
Sr. Administrative Specialist

Phone: (859) 280-8061
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Hazel assists the director with office administration, the budget, and grant management. Hazel has been with DEM since 2000.

Shelley Roberts Bendall
Preparedness Coordinator

Phone: (859) 280-8063
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Shelley started working for DEM in 2003. Her first week was the record-breaking ice storm that year! She is a graduate of Berea College and earned her Masters in Public Administration from UK’s Martin School. Shelley provides disaster preparedness education and training to Lexington residents and businesses. She coordinates the CERT program, education campaigns, and is always looking for ways to encourage people to be prepared for disasters. Shelley also coordinates Lexington’s Safe Communities Coalition, a program of the National Safety Council. She enjoys gardening, hiking, and chasing after her two children.

Doreen Birkholz
Emergency System Specialist

Phone: (859) 280-8059
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Doreen joined us in June 2003. She has a degree in Computer Information Systems and assists the staff with software and hardware issues. Doreen’s primary role is managing DEM’s emergency alerting systems and serve as the WebEOC Administrator. Before joining DEM, she worked as the senior case manager for a forensic economist. Doreen loves all animals, enjoys camping, and spends her free time with friends and family.


CSEPP Manager

Phone: (859) 280-8055

Royce Reeves
Logistics Officer

Phone: (859) 280-8068
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Logistics Officer Royce Reeves came to DEM in June of 2009. He is responsible for purchasing equipment and tracking its location and condition. Prior to joining DEM, Royce worked as a prepress graphic artist for 28 years. If you have an American flag that is no longer suitable for display and don’t know what to do with it, please drop it off at the office and Royce will see to its proper and honorable disposal.

John Bobel
Public Information Officer

Phone: (859) 280-8067
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John began working with emergency management when he joined LFUCG as a public information officer in 1993. With 40 years of experience in journalism, public relations, photography, social media, research methods and analysis, management consulting and electrical/broadcast/Internet engineering, John brings extensive knowledge, strategies and tactical abilities to the division’s benefit. John is also an instructor for FEMA, teaching courses for first responders and public affairs personnel in the areas of media relations, use of social media, stakeholder administration and rumor mitigation. John now works full time in the Division of Emergency Management, splitting his time between DEM and CSEPP projects.

Heather Carrier
Emergency Planning Coordinator
Phone: (859) 280-8062
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Heather began working with DEM in June 2017 as the Emergency Planning Coordinator. Heather is responsible for all of the county emergency plans. She brings with her eleven years of military service specializing in logistics and operations. Heather enjoys cooking, olympic weightlifting, and chasing after her two dogs.


Stephen Bishop
CSEPP Planner/WebEOC Support
Phone: (859) 280-8058
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Stephen started volunteering with Lexington Emergency Management in 2007, as an EOC coordinator, working several support functions within the EOC. Leading ESF-2, Stephen assisted with the specification of communications equipment and oversight of installation at the newly renovated Public Safety Operations Center. In November 2017 he accepted the position of CSEPP Planner/WebEOC Support Administrator supporting planning within Fayette County and the ten-county CSEPP region. Stephen comes to DEM with over 25 years of Emergency Services and Management background. When away from work, Stephen enjoys running, having completed multiple marathons, multiple outdoor activities and teaching cave rescue as an Instructor for the National Cave Rescue Commission.


Taban Herrington
CSEPP Administrative Specialist
Phone: (859) 280-8066
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Taban Herrington is the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) Administrative Specialist. Taban works to organize exercises and trainings for CSEPP events, and is passionate about ensuring all communities are engaged in emergency preparedness. Taban earned her master’s degree from the University of Kentucky in Communication, where she specialized in risk and crisis communication. Taban enjoys spending time with her family, her three pet birds, one dog, and numerous fish.

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