Ice Storm

Know what to do if an ice storm hits and takes out the power- if you have no heat or light and can’t charge your phone or your laptop? Take a minute to check out our Ice Storm Action Checklist so you don’t freeze up when the world turns to ice. Know how to stay warm. Keep pipes from freezing. Stay in touch with family and friends. Open your garage door. And more.

Ice Storm Action Checklist

  1. Stay Warm
    • Select a room to set up camp – preferably one with a wood burning fireplace or stove. Keep doors closed as much as possible to conserve heat
  2. Stay Informed
  3. Stay in Touch
    • Designate a far-away relative or friend to serve as a message drop so you can let concerned parties know your status.
    • Save that person as a contact in every cell phone in your family.
    • Make sure your out-of-town contact knows you’ve picked him or her for this duty, too!
  4. Stay Healthy
    • If you have a fireplace for emergency heat, have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually. Be sure everyone in your household knows how to use the damper.
    • If you have a gas-fired grill, use it to cook and heat water outside only (carbon monoxide can build up quickly). A charcoal grill will work as well.
    • When using a kerosene heater, open an outside window or door a minimum of one square inch per 1,000 BTUs of the heater’s energy output. For example, if you’re using a 24,000 BTU heater and your window is 12 inches wide, raise it at least 2 inches (12 x 2 = 24 square inches).
  5. Need to Know:
    • How to open the garage door if there’s no power.
    • Where the local shelters are.
    • Double-Check:
    •  Gas canister or charcoal for grill
    • Kerosene for kerosene heater
    • Gas in car
    • Batteries for flashlights, emergency radio, etc.
    • Food you can prepare without electricity
  6. After the Storm:
    • Watch out for downed power lines
    • Stay away from trees – branches may break and fall hours or even days after the ice stops accumulating

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