Hazards in the Bluegrass

Emergency managers classify disasters as natural or technological. Natural disasters are those which the weather and the planet throw our way, while technological ones involve failures of our technology (or, more rarely, malicious acts).

In Fayette County, the major natural hazards facing us include extreme cold, ice storms, extreme heat, flooding, severe thunderstorms with lightning, high wind, and tornadoes. Earthquakes are also possible, though rare (the map above shows the U.S. Geological Survey’s estimated risks for earthquakes in this part of the United States).

The most likely technological disaster for Fayette County is a transportation or industrial accident that releases hazardous chemicals. Pipeline accidents, blackouts, and water quality or water supply emergencies also can occur. Least likely, though still the focus of a large planning and preparedness effort, is an incident involving the chemical agent stockpile at Blue Grass Army Depot.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for disasters.

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