• Money
    Lexington Police Warn About Phone Scam

    The Lexington Police Department is warning citizens of a phone scam involving someone who claims to be a police officer. Today two individuals contacted the police department in reference to a possible scam. According to the complainants, an individual identifying himself as a sergeant with the Lexington Police Department called them, stating...

  • Traffic
    UK Move-In Begins This Weekend

    Traffic, out-of-town visitors, and a lot of tweets… like the fabled swallows of Capistrano, students will begin returning to the University of Kentucky this weekend. If your plans include travel through the area of campus, watch out for increased traffic, limited parking, and temporary restrictions on some streets.

  • Alerting
    August 11 (811) is call before you dig day

    No precaution should be too great when it comes to protecting our families, friends, neighbors and community. That’s why contacting Kentucky 811 and digging safely should be included among ways to help keep them safe. Kentucky 811 is a free statewide computer-operated communication system that provides a communication link between excavators and...

  • Build a Kit
    Check Your Kits – OTC Medication Edition

    One of my preparedness tasks for last weekend was to dispose of all the expired medication in the house. This took a bit longer than just going through the medicine cabinet because in my household, we also keep small amounts of over-the-counter (OTC) medication in our personal and vehicular emergency kits. I...

  • Heat/Hot Weather
    A Good Time to Bathe the Dog

    With temperatures in the nineties this week, it’s a good time for a refresher on how to keep pets safe during hot weather – starting with never, ever leaving them in a hot car. On a day like today, the temperature in a slightly-vented car (windows cracked) can exceed 100° within 10...

  • Preparedness
    Emergency Response Training for Congregations & Churches

    Many people think of a house of worship as a safe area where violence and emergencies cannot affect them. However, violence in houses of worship is not a new phenomenon. In addition to violent acts, fires, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and arson also affect houses of worship. With many incidents occurring with little...

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