Are you ready for life’s “what ifs?” No matter what the emergency may be, it’s always best to make a plan and build a kit.


Like a Bolt From the Blue

Summer storms can arrive without warning, and lightning can strike miles away from the rain.

Enlighten yourself on lightning safety.

Fireworks Safety

Before you light the first fuse, be sure you know which fireworks are safe and legal in Fayette County.

Read our fireworks safety infographic.

Learn About DEM

“Emergency management” is our name and our number one job – but what do we do around the DEM office when no disasters are happening?

Find out more about the emergency management cycle and how we help keep Lexington prepared and resilient.

Severe Thunderstorms

What if a storm hits and takes out the power? What if you have no heat, no light, no phone, no computer?

Be prepared for severe thunderstorms.

Pets are Part of the Team

… so don’t forget to include them in your emergency planning and preparations.

See our tips on making your pets disaster-ready.


Get involved with emergency preparedness in Fayette County. Join our Community Emergency Response Teams and be ready to help your friends and neighbors in case of a community emergency.

Learn more about CERT.


Special Needs Registry

Do you know someone who may need some extra help during an emergency? Are you wheelchair bound or on oxygen? Fill out your information here and our responders will be able to give you priority assistance.


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