Are you ready for life’s “what ifs”? No matter what the emergency may be, it’s always best to make a plan and build a kit.


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Grill with Confidence

For your next backyard grilling experience, make sure only things in flames are the burgers.

See our tips on grilling safety.


A tornado can happen anytime in Kentucky, but these dangerous storms are most common in the spring. Take a few minutes to review your tornado/severe storm action plan.

Be prepared for tornadoes.

Stay Afloat when Flood Waters Rise

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Are you ready for one?

Learn about physical, mental, and financial flood preparedness.

Mobile Phone Weather Warnings are here!

The National Weather Service in Louisville is now sending severe weather alerts to mobile phones in Central Kentucky. There’s no need to sign up. The messages are automatically displayed in newer “smart phones.”

Learn more about Wireless Emergency Alerts.

Get In Tune with Warning Sirens

When you’re spending time outdoors this summer, be sure you know what Lexington’s different siren alert tones mean and what action to take for each kind of weather alert.

Get the latest on recent upgrades to Lexington’s severe weather alert sirens.

When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!

Lighting is one of nature’s most impressive phenomena – but its danger is just as strong as its allure.

Learn how to protect yourself from lightning.

Severe Thunderstorms

What if a storm hits and takes out the power? What if you have no heat, no light, no phone, no computer?

Be prepared for severe thunderstorms.


Get involved with emergency preparedness in Fayette County. Join our Community Emergency Response Teams and be ready to help your friends and neighbors in case of a community emergency.

Learn more about CERT.


Special Needs Registry

Do you know someone who may need some extra help during an emergency? Are you wheelchair bound or on oxygen? Fill out your information here and our responders will be able to give you priority assistance.


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