Are you ready for life’s “what ifs?” No matter what the emergency may be, it’s always best to make a plan and build a kit.



A tornado can happen anytime in Kentucky, but these dangerous storms are most common in the spring. Take a few minutes to review your tornado/severe storm action plan.

Be prepared for tornadoes.

Stay Afloat when Flood Waters Rise

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Are you ready for one?

Learn about physical, mental, and financial flood preparedness.

Learn About DEM

“Emergency management” is our name and our number one job – but what do we do around the DEM office when no disasters are happening?

Find out more about the emergency management cycle and how we help keep Lexington prepared and resilient.

What’s That Smell?

Hazardous industrial chemicals are all around us. They’re used in factories and businesses and they travel the roads and rails of Fayette County. When an accident causes a spill, prompt action is critical to staying safe.

Learn about hazardous materials and how to protect yourself from a HAZMAT incident.

Shelter In Place

In a hazardous materials incident, one protective order that authorities may give is shelter in place. It’s more than just staying indoors when the sirens wail.

Learn how to shelter in place at home, at work, or in public buildings.


Get involved with emergency preparedness in Fayette County. Join our Community Emergency Response Teams and be ready to help your friends and neighbors in case of a community emergency.

Learn more about CERT.


Special Needs Registry

Do you know someone who may need some extra help during an emergency? Are you wheelchair bound or on oxygen? Fill out your information here and our responders will be able to give you priority assistance.


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